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The writing of a brief history of Vlahokerasia was thought necessary soon after the constitution of the Committee for the Vlahokerasia Digital Museum. Angelos Bistolas, an Elementary School teacher, and Anna Martinou, a Secondary Education teacher (with a specialization in Greek and English Philology – language, literature and history) (See photo), responded to the challenge. In the process of writing, the authors broadened their assignment in order to also include relevant aspects of demography, public administration and folklore.

The resulting monograph, Vlahokerasia: History, Demography and Folklore, contains significant historical and folklore materials from the personal archives of the late Constantinos Krekouzos, as well as some new subunits written by the coordinator of the VDM Committee.

The main body of the monograph consists of four parts, which we present in the Table below along with the respective contributors:

Part Title Contributors
Ι Anthology of Historical Events Angelos Bistolas, Anna Martinou, Constantinos Krekouzos and Nikos P. Petropoulos
ΙΙ Demographic and Administrative Changes Angelos Bistolas, Anna Martinou and Nikos P. Petropoulos
ΙΙΙ Συλλογή Λαογραφικού Υλικού Angelos Bistolas and Constantinos Krekouzos
IV Glossary of Folklore Materials (Illustrated) Angelos Bistolas and Anna Martinou

The monograph is accompanied by an Appendix which includes historical documents, original manuscripts and articles written by compatriots and dealing with significant historical events.

Finally, and with regard to documentation, except for the historical sources, the original documents and articles by compatriots, the monograph also relied on internet sources. We would like to point out that some of the internet links may no longer be active. In such cases, we request of our visitors to let us know so that we correct the problem.

Nikos P. Petropoulos
VDM Committee Coordinator

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