As we said in the general introduction to the Vlahokerasia Digital Museum (See Home Page), V.D.M. is “an open system that will continue to be supplemented, enriched, expanded and corrected…” The enrichment can be accomplished either by the adding of new materials (e.g. photos, documents, etc.) to the existent subcategories (the flipping books or electronic books) or by the introduction of new-subcategories (new flipping books), i.e. after a more radical restructuring of the V.D.M. Up to now, the more dominant trend is enrichment of the existent subcategories, by adding pages to the flipping books – except for the introduction of new subcategory, “humorous stories” that was proposed by Anna Martinou, member of the VDM Committee.

We continue the structural enrichment of the V.D.M. by adding a new category, a new electronic book (flipping book), “the Family Trees of Vlahokerasiotes”, for the purpose of cementing the intra-family bonds and the greater familiarization of descendants with their ancestors. The relevant flipping book will be a subcategory of the general menu category – “History”. We start with four family trees two that were built by the descendants themselves and two that were built by the undersigned, using the free program “My Heritage Family Builder” which offers unlimited possibilities and is exceptionally easy to use. The program also allows for the posting of photos, as well as other available individual information. It is necessary to point out that the four family trees are examples. Our aim is to multiply them. Therefore, we invite our compatriots to submit their own family trees (format jpg) – using whatever model they prefer – for posting in the V.D.M. In addition, they should submit at least two photographs, one of their first known ancestor(s) and one of their living descendants that show the parents and their children (See page 3). In case a family photo of the living descendants is not available, it can be made using the collage method (See page 4). Finally, and for the sake of gender equality, we recommend that the family tree be “bi-lineal”, i. e. include both the paternal and maternal branches of the family.

Nikos P. Petropoulos
VDM Committee Coordinator
2 May 2019 (Greek page)
30 January 2020 (English page)

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